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Sunday, 29 June 2014

District Camp (2014-06-27)

District Camp was at Horley Scout Camp again.

On Friday night we settled in and had a fire after the children were in bed.

On Saturday we went for a walk, and it rained heavily. We got back for lunch which we held in the marquee.

We had to pitch a couple of new tents due to leaks.

The weather cleared and we did activities: we saw had a talk from the amazing Amate Animalia (Love Animals) who showed us some of the exotic pets they have rescued including a fruit bat, a skunk, snakes, chameleons, spiders, African hedgehogs and a baby meerkat.

We did whittling, clay modelling, wool weaving and willow sculpture.

After supper we had a Merrymoot and Campfire (lit in the rain!), which I sadly missed as Flora had to be driven home with a temperature, though I got back for the staff fire.

Sunday morning dawned fair.

After breakfast we carried on with activities and went on the Wide Game, though we lost a family due to sickness.

The theme of the Wide Game was Roal Dahl stories.

We met Violet Beauregarde.

Who had to be de-juiced

by the Ooompa Loompas.

We met Mrs Twitt

and had to retrieve rice krispies from Mr Twitt's beard.

We had to rescue something from Matilda's porridge before the Trunchbull came and caught us.

We met Charlie Button and found the Golden Tickets.

We helped the cricket find his teeth, though he then threatened to eat us!

Finally Mr and Mrs Fox gave us sweets!

We then went and packed up our tents, finished our activities and had lunch before Closing Circle.

The Sunny Sunday made up for the very wet Saturday.

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