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Monday, 30 June 2014

Tails on the Playing Field (2014-06-30)

It was a nice evening so we decided o meet on the playing field.

People played, climbed and ran around until we held our News Circle: Oliver made a wooden knife at District Camp; so did Daniel; Lena went for a walk in the woods with her cousins on Sunday; Polly made a new friend at camp; Izzy borrowed Minty the squirrel from Beth; Freya got loom bands on Saturday; Matilda made friends with Beth and Talia at camp where her sister was sick six times; Nia had No News; Rana went skateboarding with Rayan; Rayan has loom bands; Emily made animal poos out of clay on camp; Millie got a Syrian hamster two weeks ago called Star who is white with beige on her head; Debbie sold her handicrafts at the Pegasus Jamboree craft fair; Flora went on the Pioneer walk on camp which was really wet and long and then was not well and had to come home; Connie went for a walk at the cousin's new house and swam in the river; Millie-Maye went to Xanthe's house today and has started at the Unicorn School where there is a girl called Lily-May which is confusing for the teacher; Xanthe sung sea shanties Ahoy! Sing for the Mary Rose at the Town hall as part of the Magdalen College School Arts Festival; Joe went to Rahan's house on Sunday; Ivo has a wobbly tooth; Dylan played football in the rain at District Camp and didn't care, the rain gave him a private swimming pool in his tent; Pip tripped and grazed his knee; Rafiq showed us his amazing starship made from a bionical; Tim lit the campfire at camp from soaking wood in heavy rain.

We played a game of Tails.

We held a Circle where Emily explained that we were going to send a thankyou letter to the Scouts at Horley for letting us use their campsite,

and eat the popcorn she had made.

People did handstands and cartwheels.

We played a game of Octopus.

We held our Closing Circle and surprised the parents by finishing early, so people hung around and played in the bushes.

Leaders: Debbie, Rana, Emily, Tim
Elfins: 19

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